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As a German shepherd breeder in Richmond Kentucky, Terri has been producing quality family German shepherd puppies for 10 years. On a small farm in rural Richmond, KY, Heidenreich Kennel was formed. A love for the German shepherds loyalty, its natural instincts for protection, the variety of coats and colors, along with the German shepherds intelligence set the German shepherd above other breeds. We produce a few German shepherd litters a year for families and occasionally produce pups that have been raised and trained for police dogs. We take time to evaluate our German shepherd pups and seek to put the right pups with the right families. We are in contact with other small quality German shepherd breeders in Kentucky, so feel free to contact me for referrals if we have no litter at the time you are looking. Watch our up and coming breedings!

German Shepherd Puppies Richmond Kentucky

Heidenreich produces German shepherd puppies in Richmond Kentucky with family in mind. Our German shepherd puppies are priced affordable for the average family, providing them with AKC pedigrees. Prices for our German shepherd puppies are based on many things, pedigree, titles, family, working or show quality. We enjoy staying in contact with all who purchase our German shepherd pups as we pride ourselves in quality. Decisions in breeding are based on our feedback from our customers. There is no way of knowing what we produce without staying in contact with you. Watch out for breeders that are not interested and never mention this to you! A quality breeder is interested in what they produce in their German shepherd breeding.

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